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& Welcome To School of Samara!


I have tears in my eyes just thinking about the transformation you will experience over the next 12 months! LITERAL TEARS YOU GUYS!

You will feel like a new person as you purge everything that is not serving you to realign to authenticity & truth.

If you choose and action it - the next 8 weeks will be your most potent, life-changing and liberating. The months beyond that, absolutely game-changing.


I am emailing you all the details. HOWEVER, because School of Samara is so comprehensive, my team and I need to manually add you in to some of the elements.

This means if you purchased at 1am Brisbane, Australia time, we will add you in as soon as we can the next business day.

Our priority is to get you in, confidently navigating School of Samara and ready for your first Q&A, fast – so please see the below 2 things to do now to speed this up!

If you do not receive an email from us with access details within 12 hours of your purchase please contact us ASAP – (<< You may want to write that down)


1/ Schedule your Welcome Call here right now.

During this 1:1 tailored 15-minute call, we will identify your key focus areas and you’ll be guided to the most potent trainings that concentrate on these for the fastest results. 

2/ Register for your School of Samara account here right now. 

I can’t wait to guide you to more authenticity, connection, freedom and fulfilment while you make an impact! 

Leah Samara & Team x

"What a great journey it has been. With ease, sincerity and joy she listens and brings out the best of and in you. And as if that’s not enough she then gives you all the tools to bring them to life and work. Working with Leah is not a one time investment it is building platform for life. I strongly recommend anyone that is curious to find out more about themselves and how to bring the best of life forward to work with her."
- Livia Troili (Leadership Coach)
“Yesterday I had such a good talk with my husband after my time with you from dinner until 11pm!.. and seriously we haven’t had this for 15 years! I was reminded of why I loved him, and connected to him. I opened up the conversation and said 'I want you to know every bit of me.'
- Jennie
"Within weeks of working with Leah, I increased my business by 500% and had the confidence to increase my prices to align with the great results I get for my clients!

I don’t feel like a fraud anymore, I’m finally feeling proud of myself and I have that self-confidence that can’t be swayed by anybody. If you’re thinking about working with her, just pull the trigger - you won’t regret it! Invest in yourself and back yourself. You’ll come out the other end a new person, I guarantee that."
- Phoebe Browne (Marketing Strategist)

Samara Impact Funnel Framework

We use this framework in School of Samara to identify key focus areas for our own evolution to walk away a more connected, potent and impactful leader.

Samara Impact Funnel Framework