The Intuition Intensive



30 Day Micro-Coaching To Trust Your Inner Wisdom & Live A More Peaceful & Aligned Life (without regrets)

  • Lifetime access to The Intuition Intensive Channel (Telegram) with 30 days of 3-10 minute micro-coaching sound-bites (like a one-way radio station) from Leah Samara to expand trust in your inner wisdom & live a more peaceful and aligned life.
  • The Intuition Intensive is for the decisive and driven woman who has inklings around her inner wisdom, and desires to anchor into it more to narrow down her options and back herself for her next big aligned move (that both excites and terrifies her simultaneously) and create more peaceful relationships.
  • What this isn’t: a replacement for any of our private, intimate or in-depth experiences or mentorship.
  • Who this isn’t for: the indecisive or stagnant woman who is anchored to inaction.
  • After purchase, you’ll be redirected to a new page with instructions for instant access. Don’t miss this page!