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Reclaim your voice, sovereignty & authentic self. Shine brighter & live your most authentic & wildly impactful life

(beyond religious, societal & familial boxes)

In the midst of mediocrity and conformity, we only beckon to the rare gems committed to being extraordinary..


Female coaches, experts & influencers to unlock the freedom you crave to live the vibrantly authentic and wildly impactful life you know you're born for.

This is an evolutionary journey unlike those you likely have taken before:

For this is transcends the confines of your business, your marriage, your team, your children, your trauma or your health (though all are heavily impacted).

This is about YOU reclaiming yourself, your voice and your God-given Personal Sovereignty while evolving to be the highly influential leader you are designed to be.

Those with exclusive access will embark on a journey to:

Who you are born to be

If you're anything like the incredible women we've worked with, you are driven and naturally influential; continually pursuing and investing in your progress, refinement and greatness.

You feel the pull for an even more aligned, highly influential and wildly impactful life.. and every inch of you feels that call to a new chapter of expansiveness in the evolution that is you.

As the new dawn breaks, you are ready to unveil the highly influential, one-of-a-kind leader that resides within, poised to conquer the world with her authenticity and grace.

You know this is the real you. You feel it in every fibre of your being.

Yet perhaps you're also feeling stifled, suppressed, boxed-in or even burnt-out, feeling the tug of religious, familial or societal expectations strongly..

.. and the guilt, greed and "too muchness" coursing through your veins that comes as a not-so-delicious little side dish (like a bowl of brussel sprouts).

You've identified the workaholism, perfectionistic and people-pleasing tendencies.

And you've used other solutions for years for the different spheres of your life - like therapy, marriage counselling, business and life coaching - and have gained some good ground.

But you're not here for good, you're here for extraordinary - without feeling boxed-in and burnt-out.

To reach freedom for extraordinary, you must focus on and address the true root cause:

The disconnection from Authentic Self that was created when you absorbed the message that being who you are, and/or using your voice is somehow not okay.

And it's in addressing this - this reclamation and recalibration to Authentic Self through Subconscious Sovereignty™ that you are finally free to be you.

Not that external expectations cease to exist - for we cannot control others - but that you rise to become the Queen: a more potent, calm and confident version of you who doesn't need them to.

This is the "work" we do alongside our clients in School of Personal Sovereignty.


It's YOUR Time To Join Them.

We dance in the intersection between realms, where authenticity meets spirituality. Where distorted Christian messages meet and influence relational dynamics. Where religious and spiritual trauma meet upper limits of your next level of income, impact and influence.

And it’s in this intersection that our clients dive deeper than they have before, experiencing game-changing breakthroughs they haven’t before; and it’s in this intersection that we play and prosper as an embodiment of our teachings.

For this is what we know: you can spend years or even decades, tens of thousands of dollars in investment on other solutions that only address the expression of the root – the symptom – for example your business, or your marriage, and not the root itself.

Feeling like you always have to prove yourself, plaster on a happy face, dim your light and quiet your voice, living life as a bit of an eternal giver, feeling the life-force energy – that you could be using to leave your mark on the world – drain from your being.

The perceptive lady of influence discerns the pattern and its impacts across realms and chooses to draw a line in the sand and invest in reclaiming and recalibrating to authenticity, truth and magic – transforming the realms in her life and the lives of those around her by default.

Whatever has brought you to this exact moment, reading this at this exact time, it is no accident that you are here. 

If what you’re reading is speaking to your soul, maybe it’s time to see this magical moment for what it is – the opportunity to change your whole life’s trajectory and that of the global and generational influence you are born to create.

This is your moment to choose differently for yourself and the generations to come.



A strategic reclamation & recalibration program for the driven leader to come home to her authentic self & embrace the freedom of unboxed living.

Enrol now to commit to this reclamation of self and embark on an extraordinary journey of self-understanding - where owning your true essence becomes the catalyst for leaving an unforgettable mark on the world..

Your authentic self awaits, and The School of Personal Sovereignty is your golden key.

Live a life beyond the limits of religious, familial & societal expectations

Embrace new energy levels as burnout becomes a distant memory

Use your powerful voice to take a stand for the things that matter most to you

"Within weeks of working with Leah, I increased my business by 500% and had the confidence to increase my prices to align with the great results I get for my clients!

I don’t feel like a fraud anymore, I’m finally feeling proud of myself and I have that self-confidence that can’t be swayed by anybody. If you’re thinking about working with her, just pull the trigger - you won’t regret it! Invest in yourself and back yourself. You’ll come out the other end a new person, I guarantee that."
- Phoebe Browne (Marketing Strategist)

"This felt like a soul-surgery."
- Stacey

Embark on your journey - select your most aligned pathway:

There are two unparalleled experience options -

Self-Study Includes:

Our Self-Study course: purchase now for instant access to all online pre-recorded modules.

Investment begins at $2,200 USD.

School of Samara Includes:

School of Personal Sovereignty Modules

Both options are guided through the same highly-curated curriculum:

Uncover your unique ceilings, masks and roles creating bottlenecks for you to unleash who you were born to be.
Learn the exact step-by-step Subconscious Sovereignty™ process to release all you are not to come home and own who you are without feeling boxed-in. This is a hyper-transformative process you'll use for navigating complexities of life.
Unlock the courage to show up & hold the energy of being your unapologetic self. Live in alignment to who you really are, what you really want and speak from your heart (without becoming someone you're not)
Amplify your sacred roar! Reclaim and unleash your next-level powerful and potent voice - even if you feel like your voice is a little stuck and even if you feel like people will judge what you say. Here's the secret: there's always another level of voice to unlock and unleash!
Create spaciousness around you, rise above judgements and criticisms to be who you are born to be and develop a beautiful connection and peace with self while transforming relationships all around you!
Prepare your transition to burst forth as a beautiful transformed butterfly! Use our strategies to maintain and increase your results, increase your energy and continue levelling-up at speed! (without burning yourself out)
Beautiful bonus trainings and visualisations to anchor in all of the guidance into your subconscious so that you walk away feeling like the shiniest, most courageous and unapologetic YOU!

School of Personal Sovereignty is for those who:

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A Letter From Leah Samara

Trauma-Informed Authentic Life Strategist
& Spiritual Mentor

I know what it’s like to feel like you have to fight for the right to be yourself, to be heard, and for your personal sovereignty. For years this is how I went about life, frustrated, exhausted and trying to find a better way..

In 2018, fed up with the way things “were”, I bravely moved interstate with all of my earthly possessions. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made for myself, one guided by God + my intuition, something I felt like I had to do. Nobody understood.

In this time, without the immediate influence of everything and everyone I had ever known, I learned a different way of doing. 

Specifically, I untangled from distorted thinking and learned a different way of being. And, more importantly, I learned that I didn’t need to fight for any of it, because it was already all mine

To the beautiful woman evolving in this complex and messy modern world, I want to share with you everything I wish I’d known, been taught and shown about how to be me, how to be a human and a woman; one who is imperfectly perfect, one who is flawed and makes mistakes, loves herself, and falls down and gets back up and is still committed to living a more authentic and fulfilling life.

School of Personal Sovereignty is a powerful program that forms a part of my life’s work – an exclusive collection of the exact guidance and lessons brought together from my life’s experiences, challenges and coaching career. 

This includes domestic violence, religious abuse, cPTSD and auto-immune disease diagnoses, familial estrangement, leaving religious Christianity, finding and walking with Jesus for over a decade and a divorce in my 20’s.

It has taken me well over a decade to cultivate these gifts, through heart-ache, frustration and learning how to swim in the deep end. Ignore them at your peril, treasure them as a recipient. 

After 14 years in business, in early 2023 I used the exact methods I teach in my AMPLIFY module to unlock my voice at a whole new level, and launched the Best You Yet podcast (available on Apple, Spotify & All majors). I am certified trauma-informed.

I have gone before you and hold my hand out to you. This is the adventure of a lifetime & I can’t wait to dive deeply to unlock the essence of your true identity!



"What a great journey it has been. Leah took me on a journey without an end but created a wonderful starting point for the years to come. With ease, sincerity and joy she listens and brings out the best of/in you. And as if that’s not enough she then gives you all the tools to bring them to life and work. Working with Leah is not a one time investment it is building platform for life. I strongly recommend anyone that is curious to find out more about themselves and how to bring the best of life forward to work with her."
- Livia Troili (Leadership Coach)

Client Journeys & Wins

"I'm achieving ten times more" - Nicola

From lost passion & burnout in her 7 year old marketing business to a shiny new brand, fast-tracking her 5yr plan, a dreamy office space & working with only dream clients! Not to mention, achieving ten times more with more life balance and living her dream business NOW.

Watch Nicola's journey below:

"Grace from God - it seemed so foreign to me" - Jennie

This is the story of incredible triumph!

Jennie went from feeling frustrated and burnt out and “horrible” and unfulfilling 10k+ trip to Santorini – desiring to up-level and make the huge impact on the world she is designed for.. To feeling deeply connected to God, at peace with herself and a thriving and connected marriage.

Watch Jennie's journey below:

Receive Instant Access To All Classes & Resources Inside School of Personal Sovereignty

Confidently back yourself & hold this energy at higher levels through fear, criticism & others' expectations

Hone your intuition & develop powerful self-trust to navigate the complexities of life

Empower & inspire others by shining bright & create generational & global impact

“Yesterday I had such a good talk with my husband after my time with you from dinner until 11pm!.. and seriously we haven’t had this for 15 years! I was reminded of why I loved him, and connected to him. I opened up the conversation and said 'I want you to know every bit of me.'
- Jennie

"I feel at peace with myself. I see my inherent value and my specialness."
- Jenny

“I feel like a completely new person!” - Nicola

“On my way to a very challenging (client) but I feel strong and have given myself permission to be different and brilliant” - Client

Client Endorsements

Receive Instant Access To All Classes & Resources Inside School of Personal Sovereignty

Questions prior to purchase?

My team and I are more than happy to answer any questions you may have prior to your investment. Fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours – most likely under 3 hours (M-F, 9-5pm AEST). LS x

It's YOUR time shine bright and live your most authentic life!